EGP versus USD (Prediction)


Egyptian currency is achieving value increase versus USD, many foreign currency sources were loaded in Egyptian Government Pocket. Exporting increased 1.4 Billion Dollars (20.2B USD), with saving 7 Billion Dollars from importing. Also Foreign exchange reserves increased to 26.3 Billion USDs (especially after receiving first Batch from IMF), adding to this Dollars flow into banks after floating to reach 12.3 Billing USD.

We put USD price observations from 25/11/2014 till 16/2/2017 in regression model to predict EGP performance in coming days based only on historical data, and result was really interesting. EGP will keep wining till March however based on historical behavior Regression Model expect that USD will start increasing starting 1/3/2017, which means that any decline after 1/3/2017 in USD versus EGP considered as result of previously mentioned procedures.

Let’s have your thoughts in the discussion.


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